Literature review relational diagram

It has been suggested by the Doctoral Writing SIG that to generate the content of a literature review, it is worth identifying and working with assumptions that support the research question (RQ). I have followed Wentzel’s idea to create a diagrammatic overview of my research questions and to try to make sense of how to go about my literature review from that. Just as a reminder, my RQs are detailed below, followed by my attempt at making sense of my literature review (which has been somewhat chaotic to date).

Main RQ

How can analytic autonetnography be used to develop my networked learning teaching praxis (NLTP)?

Sub RQs

  • How does analytic autonetnography inform my professional development as a face-to-face teacher, learning to teach online?
  • In what ways has self-examination of my development as an online teacher transformed my NLTP?
  • What skills, resources and data collection methods informed the┬áreflexive analysis of my NLTP?
  • In what ways might analytic autonetnography benefit other face-to-face teachers’ professional development as the learn to teach online?

I wonder if I have the correct relational diagram to inform my literature review …

RQ tems mapped to relational diagram

Literature review relational diagram